About us

iRacing Danmark Endurance

The IRDK Endurance team was founded, September 2014 by the ever creative and energetic Egil Sandfeld Gregersen. Egil, who had then recently teamed up with Niel Hekkens to co-found what has now become the foremost privately run endurance racing league on the iRacing platform, "NEO Endurance".

Egil, who was looking to form a team to compete in his newly formed league, reached out to a group of like minded sim-racers from the, (now defunct), iRacing Danmark forum. The team was Christened, "IRDK Endurance" to honour the forum where we all had met.

Since 2014 IRDK Endurance have contested every season of the NEO Endurance Series with different car makes and classes. We have also been known to dabble outside of our comfort zone and try our hand on the rFactor 2 platform while competing in the EEWC, (Endurance eSport World Championships) held in Strib, Denmark.

Today, IRDK Endurance competes in the P2 class of the NEO Endurance Series with the HPD ARX LMP2 machine. Once again, IRDK Endurance plan to compete in the EEWC using the Oreca 07 when October rolls around.

The drivers